The double digit growth in the Indian economy expected in the years to come, presents a strong case of improvement in technical manpower too. It is a challenge for the various sectors of the economy to prepare them to participate and enhance the growth potential of the economy. Today, India plays a major character on the international front. The world is looking at India to play leading role in the Asia Pacific for the increase and consumption of the world output.

In this scenario, the skilled labour becomes vital for any country. Technical education in India has surpassed all the barriers and reached to scaled excellence of international standards. Since independence, the science & technology is perceived as important sector for all the round development & growth of country & now resulted into globally acclaimed recognition. Until the early eighties the engineering & technical education have been concentrated on the basic engineering like civil, Mechanical & electrical, aiming at infrastructure development of the country and contributed a lot to early needs & now reached to saturated & limited demands.

The mid of late eighties observed the infancy & growth of computer education and information technology(IT), while the last decade of 20th century witnessed IT as emerging and prominent technology of our time. Revolutionary effects are seen on the lives of people in general and job avenues in particular. During this period Indian Engineering and scientist earned a high degree of respect around the world for their highly professional and innovative contribution to the technological advancement in this field.

Overall, India has been doing well in the development as well as producing the quality manpower at technical level. But it will only be possible if such activities do not confine to few states only. The pan India approach for the same will generate the necessary results. The states like Madhya Pradesh can play a vital role in supplying such skilled manpower because of its location and potential. The state of Madhya Pradesh is one of the developing states of India. There exists a large number of youth in the state technical education. This is a matter of great concern to the Government of Madhya Pradesh as the number of seats in Engineering colleges was already inadequate looking into the] potential of the state. We feel the strong need to increase the pace of learning and quality technical education, In view of the above, Shri Adi Shiksha va Samajsewi Samiti proposes to introduce Technical Institution at Deepdi, Bhopal, M.P.